About university

We work for the present and future of Ukraine. Our motto  is “Pro bono publico”.
The community of International University recognizes its mission to promote the ideals and values of civil society, openness, dialogue and cooperation via the humanities outlook and thinking of the workers of all the branches of expertise, democratization of education, bringing of education to every person on the basis of  individual liberty . We aim at the permanent improvement of our activities, and being in constant creative search, we boldly design our prosperous future.

The road to it is the development and improvement of researches, introduction of educational innovations, informatization and promotion of educational process, involving the leading scientists and practitioners, with the constant growth of expertise of our team.

We aim to be a powerful, constantly developing European university, capable to educate up to the world standards and provide our graduates with necessary practice.

“Alpha and Omega” of our dream is to foster a spirit of patriotism among all employees, establish such team atmosphere that would create the image of our university as «Alma Mater» for every student.

Our credo: train professionals – leaders in their fields.

We aspire:
– To develop a creative potential of our students that they could meet a real challenge of professional problems in the changing, highly competitive world of the 21st century to attain personal success and provide financial independence;
– To create the interactive academic environment, having democratic and egalitarian relationships between teachers and students, with mutual trust, goodwill and support;
– To involve students in scientific research, –  including  first-year students;
– To learn actively several foreign languages and improve language skills with training abroad;
– To mould students into high standards of law, respect for law and human rights protection on the basis of students’ self-government and their active participation in the life of the university, city and country;
– To prepare students for an actual career, teach them management principles and art of human communication by virtue of  professional competence, respect for social needs and social responsibility;
– To develop expert use of computer hardware and information technologies on the best world standards.