Faculty of design

Creativity and new ideas are moving our world. The Faculty of Art and Design of the International Humanitarian University is engaged in the training and upbringing of future intellectuals who are able to participate in this, which requires simultaneously an innovative, high-tech and most thorough classical approach to the system of art education. Artificial intelligence has long passed into the category of a real, not a fantastic future. We are moving steadily towards a new information and technological revolution, surpassing in scale all that we know before. Characteristic features of human living intelligence are the ability to learn, generalize, accumulate experience and knowledge, adapt to changing conditions. Thanks to this, the brain can easily be reconstructed from one task to another, and one for which there are no standard methods of solution.
A team of experienced artists, cinematographers, art historians, engineers set an ambitious goal, overcoming public disappointment, sometimes shocking reality, educating positivism in our students, an unquenchable desire for self-knowledge, a love for that high and beautiful that brings art to our world. Teaching staff of the departments are professionals with a large work experience, whose qualifications are confirmed by academic titles and degrees, honorary titles of Ukraine.