College of economics and law

Economics and Law College is located at the Biscuit lane 3. College is 10 minutes walk from the railway voklazu, 5 minutes walk from the Regional administranitsiya where students can take practice.

In the south of Ukraine, the Economics and Law College of the Moscow State University is the only educational institution that prepares junior specialists in the specialty “Graphic Design”. Teachers and specialists of the highest category, masters of their craft, invite talented guys to get high-quality and sought-after knowledge, practical skills in design.

The profession of the designer gives an opportunity to creatively develop the personality, to connect life with an interesting profession and open the door to the world of art and beauty. Graduates of the Economics and Law College are in demand on the labor market of Ukraine and abroad.

In the college there is also a recruitment for the specialty “Computer systems and networks maintenance”. This specialty allows you to gain profound knowledge and prestigious profession in the field of computer science and innovative technologies.

The current and demanded profession in the modern world is the profession of an interpreter. The college carries out a set of entrants for the specialty “primary education and translation”. Students of this specialty have the opportunity to practice at the best language schools in Odessa and the region, get the opportunity to communicate with foreign students, improve and deepen knowledge in the field of linguistics and translation.

In college, students are trained in correspondence courses in the specialty “jurisprudence.” Documents are accepted until 6/08/2015. Within 2 weeks, applicants are given the opportunity to undergo free preparation at the preparatory courses of the International Humanitarian University, which are conducted by university teachers.

Economics and Law College started in 2003 first set of students took place in the 2004-2005 academic year, the number of 65 people. Every year the enrollment of students increased. Today, the college – is fully in charge of the requirements of modern training and education institution, the number of students which is 680 people. 7 years have passed since the first issue of students from the walls of our institution. Task College – Early guidance of high school students, young specialists training step for the university college system.

Economics and Law College prepares young professionals in the following specialties:

5.03040101 “Law”;
5.03050401 “Enterprise Economics”;
5.05010201 “Maintenance of computer systems and networks”;
5.01010201 “Primary education”;
5.03050802 “Evaluation activity”.
5.02020701 “Design (Graphic Design, Multimedia Design)”.
The purpose of modern education is not only the quality of the educational process, but also the constant strengthening of health of the younger generation. On the basis of the college created a great sports complex, which includes a variety of facilities: Fitness, tennis and fitness. In addition, students enjoy sports base and stadium, shooting range, indoor court sports complex.

Through sports material and technical base and highly qualified physical education teachers – all masters of sport or candidates for master of sports – college students win prizes at international, regional and city competitions and contests.

High emphasis on cultural and educational activities of the college. Students participate in performances of artistic groups of university, college and town. It has become a traditional contest “Mister and Miss College”. Themed events: Knowledge Day, Teacher’s Day, the Day of Ukrainian literature, concerts dedicated to International Women’s Day, the Day of the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan, World AIDS Day. It became a tradition to visit orphanages where students give concerts and hand out gifts to children.