Preparatory course for international students

Reasons to study

The process of an issuing invitation letters for Preparatory course starts after 15th November. This way student can easily get visa 100%. A student can join a course any time because new groups are organizing accordingly to the time student comes to the country.

Student can easily acclimatize and socialize when he prefers preparatory course, and then the student can start 1st year of the main course right from 1st of September without missing any classes.

Tuition fee for preparatory course is pretty cheap. After graduation of it a student can study during his main course in Russian medium of instruction which is cheaper as well. .

After completing the preparatory course student gets direct and guaranteed admission to 1st year or any other course at any University in Ukraine.

The first of my reasons for learning the Russian language is that it is spoken by more than 260 million people around the world. It is not only the official language of Russian, but also of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Additionally, It is spoken in Israel, the Balkans, Ukraine, Armenia and the USA.

It has been considered as the most spoken language in Europe, and, according to the language catalog, The Ethnologue, Russian is the 8th most spoken language in the world. Being a Slavic language, the Russian language shares a lot of similarities with languages such as Polish, Ukrainian, Bulgarian and Czech.

When it comes to the countries which were part of the old Soviet Union, it is estimated that those who were in their twenties after the dissolution of the USSR still know some Russian. It is estimated that there are around 850.000 speakers of the language in the U.S. alone.

Speaking another language will give you a huge advantage when it comes to making new friends and contacts. Knowing the Russian language will help you empathize with the people of its country and to establish professional relations or making new friendships during one of your trips.

Preparatory courses can be joined from 1st December till 1st of March.