Sports Complex

The sport complex of the INTERNATIONAL HUMANITARIAN UNIVERSITY (IHU) invites everyone to participate in sports activities. The university sport complex has 6 departments: for sports games, table tennis, aerobics and rhythmic gymnastics, shaping, gym and track-and-field athletics arena. There are several sports sections: track-and-field athletics, basketball, tennis, powerlifting, weight – lifting, swimming, mini-football, judo, wrestling,  chess and others. The stadium is created for physical education, training, competitions and different sports events. From now on, every student and employ can play in these sports halls. The complex has vast building with , two dressing rooms  with showers and toilets. There is  stand for spectators for 1000 seats. The complex includes standard grounds for playing mini-football, basketball, volleyball, a ground tennis court and outdoor sports equipment. All sports grounds are equipped with modern lighting and an acoustic system.

Facilities offered by Sports Complex of INTERNATIONAL HUMANITARIAN UNIVERSITY (IHU):

– Stadium (football, athletics)

– Halls for sport games (basketball, volleyball)

–  Badminton

–  Table tennis

–  Tennis

–  Swimming pool

– ice hockey

–  Gym

–  Class of chess

There are classes several kinds of sport and forms of physical activity. The presence of such a strong base provides an opportunity for students and employees of the university to show high results in various competitions, to have high-class athletes in various fields.