Why to choose IHU

International Humanitarian  University is well reputed European university,of ukraine. IHU  is a newly established university it was established in 2002.university is famous for its motto that is to establish modern values in the society and ensure freedom of speech and expression .  IHU is one of the cotemporary and modern universities of Europe.university is famous for its ideology  of foundation   degree holders of International Humanitarian  university are regarded in the  whole world.


Since decades medical environment of the university has evolved in such a way now everything has been polished to a certain level.Every new comer in the university is welcomed and he or she starts feeling their responsibilities soon after the welcome.Every individual has his own responsibilities and rights as well.The environment of university forces eveyrone to do his job and duty.


Teaching staff of  IHU  is exceptional in their expertise.we have world class  scientists,doctors and professors  at our university .Moreover we have continuous circle of visiting professors all over the world.our graduates almost learn from the visiting teachers, from all over the world during their degree.it gives exposure to our students and this process is vice versa.


Every year we have certain criteria under that we send our students to other european and American universities for few months and we also receive students from foreign universities for few months.This is a purposeful temporary migration of students which give a chance of diverse learning and students feel better when they return back to their universities.


Tuition fee of university is affordable.IHU has primary focus on training the undergraduates of medicine more effectively in the minimum cost.if you see among the European  universities IHU is the cheapest one despite being a  fact that IHU is highly ranked university of the Europe.